A Message from SciTech

Information for instructors and researchers about services available Spring Quarter.

Research with STS while Washington State’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is in effect.

During this time assistance with research samples is only possible if the project receives an exemption for on-premises work, and if involvement of STS staff was authorized as part of the exemption. Please refer to the ICS communication from 3/31/2020 for more information on research exemptions.

Teaching with STS while Washington State’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is in effect. Activities that are essential for online instruction and that can only be performed on premises (e.g. assisting an instructor by setting up a live-streaming demonstration of an STS instrument for a class, or running samples for a class) are allowable. Instructors can plan on using STS to assist with their courses and most STS instrumentation can be accessed remotely.

Custom Live and Recorded Instrument Demonstrations for Lab Courses

It’s incredibly easy and incredibly awesome! Using Zoom, we can host live or recorded sessions with most SciTech equipment, combining a widefield tripod camera view in one window with live instrument software view in another and a technician in lab to narrate and make it all happen. You can request pre-recorded videos on a short topic, or schedule an hours-long experiment. You can even remotely drive instruments yourself inside Zoom while recording or live-broadcasting to your class (or we’ll drive for you), with a technician present in lab to set it all up and lend a hand. This 1 min. STS SEM demo video shows how.

We will design and produce videos or live broadcasts:

  • Overview and principles of operation
  • Live or recorded demonstrations
  • Sample preparation and data analysis

Available techniques: HPLC, HPIC, GPC, GFC, FAAS, GC-MS, SEM/EDX. Two new instruments, an LC-QTOF and MALDI-TOF/TOF will be operational this summer.

Running Samples for Lab Courses

If you have samples, we will run them as usual* (see footnote). Or, if you plan to re-use student data from a previous year we may have copies in our archives.

Access for Researchers

During Spring Quarter SciTech will be in full-service mode, with our staff operating all equipment* (see footnote). Researchers just need to submit samples and tell us what they need. Results can be obtained offline, or researchers can interact live with the operator while viewing the screen from home. Faculty and staff can schedule a time to remotely drive the instrument and we’ll prepare and load your samples. This service is limited to trained faculty and staff.Equipment Repair, Design and Shop Services

Normal services will continue* (see footnote).

*Once Washington State’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is lifted. After the order is lifted, for Spring Quarter we will keep normal business hours our facilities will be closed to non-STS staff. Please contact us to arrange a phone or electronic consultation or to pick-up and drop-off samples and other items.