Scientific Technical Services

Scientific Technical Services (SciTech) supports research, scholarship and teaching by providing access to advanced multi-user scientific instrumentation, machine and electronics shops, and equipment design, fabrication and repair services.  SciTech helps Western researchers accelerate the discovery of new knowledge and partners with instructors to teach graduate and undergraduate students.

Services & Capabilities

SciTech operates three core facilities: The University Instrument Center, Western’s primary multi-user equipment facility with chromatography, mass spectrometry, and spectroscopy instrumentation; University Shops, with electronics, metalworking, woodworking, and design and repair services; and Electron Microscopy Facilities. We offer:

  • Training and access to multi-user instrumentation
  • Repair of equipment campus-wide
  • Analysis of research samples and assistance with data interpretation
  • Assistance with laboratory course demonstrations and analysis of student samples
  • Design, modification, and fabrication of equipment and technical instrumentation
  • Small test equipment for short-term loan


Students, staff, and faculty from nearly every department and college rely on SciTech for expert advice and training on scientific instrumentation, assistance with laboratory class instruction, to design, build, and repair equipment, and assist in the analysis of research and classroom samples. Hundreds of users come through our doors each year with projects ranging from the analysis of water quality samples, to the repair of antique Steinway pianos and the construction of custom equipment for Western athletic teams.  For over 30 years SciTech has been a centerpiece of Western’s innovation infrastructure, supporting research, creativity, and learning campus-wide.

Access & Fees

Services and equipment are provided free of charge to Western users and on a fee-for-service basis to external clients.  Internal users may be asked to cover the cost of project consumables, such as chromatography solvents.  External users are charged hourly rates for staff and instrument time.  Students requiring SciTech services for academic purposes should work through their course instructor or faculty advisor.  To request services or for more information, drop by one of our locations or see our Contacts page.  Instrumentation reservations may be made online using the FOM scheduling system.

Instrument Center Hours

Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Link to Facilities Online Management, a tool to schedule reservations




A soot particle from the 2018 Pacific Northwest wildfires imaged by electron microscopy

STS staff member Mike Kraft images soot particles from wildfires.  Read more here.


STS offers free microscope tune-up services, including cleaning and alignment.  Contact Jason Bryenton to schedule a service call.