University Shops

The University Shops provide campus-wide equipment design, fabrication, trouble-shooting and repair services through well-equipped electronics, machine, woodworking, and plastics forming facilities. Staffed by skilled craftsmen and engineers with decades of experience, shop personnel are accustomed to working with faculty, staff, and students on projects large and small, ranging from the most technically-demanding scientific applications, to fabrication and repair of everyday research and teaching items. Services include design assistance, custom fabrication and assembly, and equipment maintenance, trouble-shooting and repair. Bring your project to us, or we can come to you.  We also offer an assortment of test equipment available for short-term loan.  

PLEASE NOTE: The University Shops are for official University use and business.  University Shop equipment is not open for student, faculty, or staff use. The shops are staffed by trained employees who are here to help with your University projects.

Past projects range from construction of sophisticated scientific research instrumentation, to the repair of antique musical instruments, sports equipment and campus safety equipment, fabrication of custom shelving, specimen chambers, and items used for instruction and classroom demonstrations.

Close-up of electronics being repaired

Electronics Shop (Bond Hall room 6)

Contacts: Jason Bryenton (e-mail, 650-3806)

  • Comprehensive electronics troubleshooting, diagnostic, and repair capabilities
  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Computer interfacing and control
  • Wide range of specialized electronic diagnostic equipment available
  • Large inventory of components

Machine Shop (Bond Hall room 8)

Contacts: Micheal Van Iderstine (e-mail) 360-650-2131 

  • Precision metalworking with both CNC and manual tooling
  • Machining - cutting, milling, turning, grinding, drilling 
  • MIG, TIG, soldering brazing, arc welding, and plasma cutting
  • Sheet metal shearing, bending and rolling

Plastics Shop (Bond Hall room 5)

​Contacts: David Frye (e-mail) 650-3841

  • Precision machining
  • Strip heating for bending up to 48" wide plastic components
  • Surface finishing 
  • Hot air welding 
  • Solvent bonding

Woodworking & Finishing Shops (Bond Hall room 5)

Contacts: David Frye (e-mail) 650-3841

  • Comprehensive woodworking facilities including panel, table and band saws, routers, jointers, sanders and many other tools.
  • The finishing area includes an enclosed glovebox sandblaster, wire wheels, buffers, paint application equipment, and a ventilated painting booth.


Access and Fees

The University Shops are located in the basement of Bond Hall. Students requiring shop services for academic purposes should work through their faculty advisor. All services are free of charge to members of the university community, except for the cost of purchased components or materials.

University Shops service academic and scientific equipment. For repair and maintenance of computers, office equipment, or building facilities please contact the following:

Equipment Department Phone Web Address
Computer and Office Equipment Computer Maintenance x3959
Media Equipment Media Equipment Maintenance x3057
Building Equipment Facilities Maintenance