User Agreements

General User Agreement

The instruments maintained by Scientific Technical Services (SciTech) are free to use by Western Washington University faculty, students and staff in support of approved academic research and teaching. This user agreement outlines SciTech’s protocols and expectations for all SciTech lab users. These policies are intended to help SciTech provide a safe, respectful, productive, and equitable environment for all students, faculty and staff that use SciTech instruments and related equipment for learning and research.  These are general policies and protocols for SciTech instruments and laboratories. Please be aware of instrument-specific policies for the equipment you will be using by referring to instrument-specific user agreement amendments. 

By signing up as an instrument user, you agree to the points outlined in this agreement. 

Instrument-Specific User Agreements


Mass Spectrometers

Scanning Electron Microscopy

X-Ray Microtomography

Optical Microscopy

Additional Instrumentation