JEOL​ JSM-7200F Field Emission SEM


Nominal resolution is about 1 nm. This high resolution SEM is ideal for both imaging and analysis of nanostructures, and determining chemical composition of the sample through X-ray spectroscopy. By combining large beam currents with a small probe size at any accelerating voltage, the JEOL JSM-7200F provides analytical resolution to the sub 100 nm scale.

Located CF 022

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Mike Kraft

(360) 650-3879
ES 508a

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large cream and black instrument

JEOL​ JSM-7200F Field Emission SEM


Everhart-Thornley secondary electron detector (SE)

Retractable backscatter detector (BSE)

Deben HAADF Annular SEM STEM detector

150 mm² Oxford X-Max EDS detector


through-the-lens (TTL)

gentle beam (GB)

low-vacuum (LV)

Sample Preparation

  • Carbon coater. The carbon coater pulses a strong current through graphite rods to coat samples in fine mist of conductive carbon.
  • RMC Boeckeler PowerTome PC cryogenic ultramicrotome. The microtome creates nanometer thin sections, ideal for sample analysis with our STEM detector.
  • CO2 critical point dryer. The CPD allows for gentle dehydration of a sample, preventing tissue damage from rapid atmospheric evaporation.

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