Raman Spectroscopy


Raman spectroscopy uses the inelastic scattering of light (Raman scattering) to measure the vibrational modes of molecules. This analytical method utilizes a light microscope and a monochromatic light source, typically a laser that is in the near infrared to near ultraviolet range, to illuminate the sample. The shift in laser photon energy after interacting with the sample surface provides a fingerprint to identify present molecules. Raman analysis can be preformed on a wide variety of mediums such as solids, powders, liquids, gels, gases, and biological materials.

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white and orange instrument with optical microscope stage contained within a sliding door

Renishaw inVia Qontor confocal Raman Microscope

Primary Uses:

Identification of solids, powders, liquids, gels, or biological materials


5x, 20x, 50x Long, 100x


405nm, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm

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